Bill Gates' children forced to survive on Apple-free diet

Bill Gates’ children have a rough time of it. This week it was revealed that his three children – Jennifer, 13, Phoebe, seven, and Rory, 10 – are not allowed to own Apple technology because of their father’s monopolistic leanings.

Downtime was shocked and appalled to hear the news from Bill’s wife Melinda, who revealed that, when her seven-her-old daughter Phoebe gets lost in the grounds of their $150m lakeside mansion, she is forced to use a non-iPhone to phone for directions.

It is reassuring to hear that even the mega-rich have their problems.

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Why is a seven-year old outside by herself, especially in a large lakefront area?? Guess even the mega-rich are capable of child neglect. Maybe if Phoebe was an African malaria victim, then she would be worried about.

Too bad Mr. and Mrs. Big Bucks will never see this post.