Big Brother online replacement should be a hit

The problem with the Channel 4 show big brother is that the contestants don’t suffer enough.

But an experiment being carried out in the UK known as man in a box is more like it. Some chap is locked in a steel box which measures 3 feet high, 4.5 feet wide and 8 feet long. The entire world can see him online but he cannot see them or communicate with anyone.

But the improvement on the Big Brother TV show is that the contestant doesn’t win anything but the lucky person that finds him, using clues and pinpointing him online, picks up £30,000. The bulk of the guesses have been around the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Kent.

Downtime doesn’t think it would work as a remake of the now defunct Big Brother series because nobody would want to find the contestants. Well apart from those with the capability to put a large steel container on the bed of the Thames or something similarly advantageous to the world.