Bicycle messenger

It was a clear victory for green technology. While a sober-suited pack of business hacks waited for business secretary Vince Cable to tell us how he planned to kickstart British high tech manufacturing, the MD of Brompton Bicycles, Will Butler-Adams arrived, slightly dishevelled but glowingly healthy, having parked his company transport, a high-end folding bicycle, in the foyer.
“Where’s Vince?” he asked. Butler-Adams had earlier shared a platform with the nuclear-armed minister. “I can’t believe I beat him.”
Alas, Cable’s ministerial vehicle was indeed trapped in London’s morning traffic, and would it be OK if we could all come back at 12.30 after the cabinet meeting?
To his credit, Butler-Adams did return. Many of the business hacks didn’t, prefering to dwell on the limpness of the economy as the GDP growth figures revealed later that morning.
Downtime thinks there’s a message in there.