Beware the bee bots!

Bee Happy

Bee Happy (Photo credit: Treesha Duncan)

Yet again, the universities of the UK have proved why they are in need of funding – spending their money on creating robot bees.

The universities of Sheffield and Sussex are working on a project to scan the brains of honey bees and try and insert their natural instincts of smell and sight into tiny, flying robots.

The result hopes to be the first flying robot to act autonomously on these basic animalistic characteristics.  

The bee bots, as we at Downtime have started affectionately calling them, will be put through rigorous tests, such as being made to find sources of smells, and the eventual goal is to be able to create robots capable of search and rescue missions.

As an extra bonus, it will also give scientists a better understanding of how the honey bee’s brain works.

Worth £1m of funding? Buzz off.  

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