Besotted gamer bids for Darwin Award

An obsessed gamer (as if there were any other kind) in Kansas very nearly put himself the running for a Darwin Award for those who remove themselves from the gene pool in a silly way.
He risked his life by charging back into his burning house on a rescue mission, which would have been laudable if the object of his mission not been his Xbox gaming console.
Against the odds, he made it out again suffering only from smoke inhalation, so sadly no Darwin Award.
According to reports, the fire caused $80,000 in damage, but Downtime assumes the gamer could not put a price on his Xbox and his gaming record. 
The fire has been blamed on an electrical junction box, but considering the Xbox was probably plugged in at the time, the possibility of attempted murder or even suicide (by the Xbox) cannot be discounted.
After all, obsessive relationships tend to end in rather dramatic and often unpleasant ways.