Beer, pee and charge phone

Among those ever present first world problems is how to keep your phone charged – especially if you are out on the razz.

The University of the West of England may have just the answer. It has developed a pioneering solution, based on taking a pee. Apparently there’s some pretty clever microbes out there that can do everything from turning urine into electricity, killing bacteria, to world peace.

“We were really excited with the results – it shows we have a stable biological system in which we can treat waste, generate electricity and stop harmful organisms making it through to the sewerage network,” said, professor Ioannis Ieropoulos, who is leading the research.

The idea is being developed into a microbial fuel cell.

So perhaps, one day, you’ll be able to keep your phone charged, no matter how long you stay out boozing…so long as you take a leak. I expect that won’t be too much of a bar to success.