Be a mobile operator for one lunchtime!

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Nokia Siemens Networks logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever wondered what it would be like to run a mobile network? Well, no, us either, but Nokia Siemens Networks figures there might be someone out there who has.

Taking its inspiration from the likes of FarmVille or CityVille, Wizard of Cells gives you a little world filled with aggravated mobile users raging about their technical problems.

You are then tasked with fixing said issues, such as phones getting no signal, batteries draining at a ludicrous rate or log-on issues. But make sure you do it before the customers get too livid, else you lose the round!

The game might be designed to make you sympathise with the number of tasks an operator is stuck with performing, but all it made us think about was the huge number of issues mobile users have.

Maybe if the right kit was deployed in the first place, our lives would be easier and so would those running the network. Just a though NSN…

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