Baldness calculator can tell if and when baldness will strike

While technology appears to be still unable to halt or reverse hair loss, apart from highly questionable claims by contemporary snake oil salesmen, it can predict if and when it will happen.

Or so claims the doctor who developed the online baldness calculator, which asks questions about family history, scalp conditions and stress levels to make its predictions.

The calculator is the brainchild of Adolf Klenk, a German hair loss specialist, who aims to give hair loss victims an early warning to look for hair boosting medications before it is too late.

Testosterone is the big hair killer, according to Klenk, but he warns against overdosing on testosterone suppressants such as caffeine.

Apparently, the amount of coffee individuals suffering from hair loss would have to drink to stimulate follicle growth would be toxic.

That may be so, but it is the best excuse Downtime has come across in a long time for indulging in several coffees a day.