Avoid a life of misery in Chinese jail, Sophos says

“Ready, aim, fire!” was one way that Private Eye suggested races could begin at the Beijing Olympics this year. If the Chinese government has any plans to become more liberal, it certainly passed one group of hackers by.

The Shanghai Daily has reported that four hackers have been imprisoned for stealing more than £7,000 from online bank accounts using personal information obtained through malware. Three of the hackers were sentenced to six and a half to eight years in prison for larceny, according to the paper.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, who has never spent time in a Chinese jail, said, “Spending time in a Chinese jail for such a small reward seems an enormously dangerous gamble for cybercriminals to make.”

One wonders what Sophos feels an adequate reward for risking time in a Chinese jail might be…