Aussies trade cricket pundits for our IT assets

It seems that Australia is experiencing a shortage of IT professionals for some major projects. A company that specialises in emigration to Australia and New Zealand reckons the Aussies can’t get enough of UK IT professionals as the country rolls out massive projects.

There are reportedly thousands of unemployed UK IT professionals so this makes sense. Higher wages, better weather etc etc etc.But having spent some time off during the recent Ashes cricket matches between England and Australia I couldn’t help but notice that Radio 5 has imported a plethora of former Aussie cricketers to commentate.

So we send our unemployed IT resources to Australia in exchange for former Aussie cricketers and let us not forget Dame Edna Everage, Rolf Harris, Fosters, Neighbours, and boomerangs.

What do the Aussies know about cricket anyway?