Ashes to ashes, tweet to tweet

Saga – that well-known organisation famed for its popular use in taunts against your over-50 friends – is encouraging its elderly audience to get into the social media mindset before it’s too late.

The company has suggested that people prepare a “last tweet” to leave their final thoughts to friends, family and followers in perpetuity – or at least, for as long as it passes through your Twitter timeline. Saga’s advice comes as part of its newly published Guide to digital legacy detailing how to protect your online assets after death so your family can retain all your gurning selfies and cake pictures forever.

“All too often, last words are not heard or not remembered, and the internet provides a neat way of broadcasting your final message for all to see,” said Emma Myers, head of wills, probate and lifetime planning for Saga Legal Services.

Presumably, at the tearful moment that whichever minister of the faith is blessing your passing into whichever paradise you subscribe to, he or she will press not only the button that starts the conveyor belt but also a hidden “send” button, eliciting a chorus of notification alerts across the room. Given suitable forewarning, your mourners could even co-ordinate their alert tones to play all your favourite memorial tunes, direct from your saved iTunes legacy.

As ever, Downtime is ahead of the pack here, and has set up our final tweet ready to go: “It’s getting very hot in this box #notreallydead #nicetan LOL”

But we’re sure you have already prepared better choices – there’s a very, very small and inexpensive prize for whoever submits the best to the comments below…

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OMG, I wasn't expecting to see you here!


I hope I don’t become a zombie, I would hate to eat you all