Are you reading this on the loo?

Regular readers will know that Downtime thrives on the activity of organisations that fund utterly pointless research in the name of desperate PR. But for once, even we have been left wondering about the mental processes of the people who commission such rubbish.

Today’s Metro newspaper reported a survey that claims one in three people use Twitter on their smartphone while on the toilet.

The purpose of this piece of high-value research was to promote The Co-operative Pharmacy, who wanted to use this news to highlight the dangers of mobile computing devices being a breeding ground for bacteria.

Downtime is more worried about the people who took part in the meeting that decided to commission the survey. Think about it – at some point, a well-paid and otherwise intelligent person sat around a table and said: “I wonder how many people use Twitter while they’re sitting on the loo?” And think also of the others present at the meeting who clearly all nodded sagely and thought, “What a great question to ask.”

In true Twitter fashion, we hereby ask all smartphone users to use the hashtag #havingadump whenever they are Tweeting from the loo, so we can once and for all quantify the impact of this growing trend.  

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