Apple tries to restore cherry

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs chose the company’s original rainbow-hued logo, Downtime is not sure whether he was aware that, in some circles, the bite from the apple represented the loss of virginity. Not only has Jobs whitened the logo, but Apple is also trying avoid any association with mankind’s basic instincts.

Apparently, Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story and three other erotic stories were the top four on the iPad top 10 booklist earlier this week. By the afternoon all four were replaced by others, including the even racier but less erotic The Third Man, Peter Mandelson’s autobiography about his time with the previous two prime ministers.

In otherwise unrelated news, the press has been full of reports about the increasing popularity of operations to “restore virginity”. Downtime fears that Apple’s e-book list censorship has a lot in common with the operation – as old hacks know, credibility is like virginity, it just takes one prick…