Anti-social OAP alert!

It seems times have changed, it’s not hoodies you should cross the road to avoid now, it’s pensioners. 

A YouTube video, uploaded by ‘Oldskoolmassive7’, shows a crew of Grans and Grandads causing havoc all over Lancashire. 
The clip shows the senior citizens binge drinking, egging, tagging walls with graffiti and vandalising buildings and cars. 
The clip ends with the OAPs swapping their flat caps and walking sticks for scary Halloween masks and trick-or-treat tubs as they play knock and run. 
Turns out this is a spoof video, made by Lancashire Police to spread the message that anti-social behaviour at any age is not acceptable. 
Just as well because the last thing we need in the UK is a geriatric turf war between Lancashire and Yorkshire. 

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