Androids may cry over spilt coffee

Walk into any coffee shop today and you will be surrounded by mustached hipsters, sipping their extra shot lattés and tapping away on their tablet of choice.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Google has always encouraged such activity, but now two other companies wants to cater for the richest of these cool kids and say hey, who needs a tablet and a coffee table when you could have both in one?

Ideum and 3M have joined forces to create an Android-powered coffee table with multi-touch technology, enabling a user to play Angry Birds at excessive sizes whilst getting their morning fix of caffeine and perhaps Twitter.

Costing over $6,000, these may be the play toys of the few rather than the daily routine of the many, but expect pop up coffee shops in Shoreditch any day now kitted out with the new techy furniture. Just try not to spill – you break, you buy…

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