Alexa for work - the IT helpdesk's new best friend

Helpdesk technicians in IT departments around the world will rejoice at Amazon’s announcement of a corporate version of its voice-enabled assistant Alexa for use in the workplace.

It cannot now be long before some enterprising Amazon developer produces an RTFM API for Alexa that recreates the weary, hangdog responses from the helpdesk to their dumbest callers.

From then on, all helpdesk workers need do is call for Alexa when the phone rings and put the handset next to their Amazon device. Before long, Alexa’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities will no doubt learn how to say popular phrases such as:

  • “Have you switched it on at the mains?”
  • “I will reset your password”
  • “Is your mouse plugged in?”
  • “Have you read the manual?”
  • “Sorry, that’s just how Windows works, it’s a bit rubbish really”

Here at Downtime, we’re hoping for a comparable functionality for taking calls from PRs – the joy of being able to set the phone handset alongside a patient, ever-listening Alexa, knowing that once the line goes eventually quiet, Alexa can simply say, “Send us an email” and everyone leaves the call happy.