Activate living within its memes

It’s hard to imagine any attempt to create a Tory answer to Momentum going very well, but the bumbling inception of Activate has exceeded all expectations of ineptitude.

The all-new “independent grassroots campaign” is struggling for credibility, and whoever’s in charge of its social media doesn’t seem to know up from down.

Half of Activate’s inaugural tweet, featuring a meme that enjoyed its heyday almost a decade ago, was cut out of the preview, which made the post look decidedly pro-Corbyn.

The peculiar opening gambit was soon deleted, but not from our minds. It overlooked every current meme, such as ubiquitous masterpiece “Distracted Boyfriend”, in favour of some old Star Wars patter from 2010. These people want us to trust them?

The throwaway, amateurish nature of meme culture makes it harder to actually get it wrong, but Activate, on its maiden voyage in trying to stunt a generation’s interest in socialism, managed to put out the weirdest and most humourless attempt of all time.

It took another misstep when it changed its Twitter handle without updating the link on its own website. This saw someone take the original handle and instantly turn it into a parody account, which the official website linked to for a whole day.

At the time of writing, the parody account has almost as many followers as the official account. The latter remains dazed, frozen in its own inability to navigate an unforgiving social media ecosystem it knows nothing about, since its last tweet on August 29, presumably trying to work out its next move.

How does Momentum make this all look so easy? Might there be some kind of correlation between the possession of rudimentary millennial values and social media nous?