A mighty expensive game of American Football

We all know data roaming is expensive. In fact, European Communications Commissioner Viviane Reding is presently trying to make mobile network operators see reason over their rates.

But put yourself in the place of American football fan Wayne Burdick who received an invoice from AT&T for $28,067.31 for watching his home team play a match.

Burdick told the Chicago Sun Times he downloaded the 2.5-hour match via his mobile phone onto his Slingbox, a device that lets users watch video on-demand on a PC, and watched it while waiting for his cruise ship in Miami to leave for the Caribbean.

What he did not know, and there was no way for him to tell, was that his phone was using the ship’s satellite connection rather than a land-based connection.

After some heavy negotiations, including Burdick going to the press, AT&T agreed to cut the bill to $290.65.

The Cubs, Burdick’s home team, also won – 27-23.