A little less covfefe

Donald Trump has written a new page into the book of Twitter folklore with his now deleted classic, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”.

The garbled message, surely reaching for the word “coverage” before cutting off entirely, was presumably posted by the president just before turning in for the night. It was left, unrectified, on his account for five hours, leaving the world to speculate over the meaning of “covfefe” and whether or not Trump was okay.

It’s just the latest example of how tinpot social media can make even the most powerful people look unless handled with care.

Already a ridiculed figure on the world stage, the last thing he needed were the images this conjured for the internet. Was he sat in a study before spasming at the keyboard and passing out on the floor? Was he already tucked up, nightcap on head and teddy under arm, fighting off advances from the land of nod? Were aides stood outside his chamber, deliberating over waking him up, thinking of snacks that might be his password?

The details are fuzzy, but let’s just say it got to 5am. Edvard Grieg’s Morning Song played as a bird washed itself outside the White House. The leader of the free world awoke, rubbed his confused eyes, and finally deleted his tweet. But covfefe lives on.