Wireless works (helped by fibre)

BDUK, the quango set up to help the government spend £200m left over from the Digital Switchover on broadband, is wrestling with the decision on which three areas it will pick to invite tenders to put in next generation (i.e. more than 2Mbps) access networks.
Everyone was expecting an announcement a week ago, but calls to BDUK were politely rebuffed as to when it would actually happen. The rumour mills now predict the unveiling in a week or less. But at last week’s ApComms conference, communications minister Ed Vaizey let on he would make a big announcement in November. So, if not then, when?
In the meantime, Chris Conder, the Lancashire cattle farmer turned fibre network installer, has been playing with radio, linking it up to fibre. You can say Wow! after watching the video.