Video killed the .....bandwidth

Many years ago, I made a prediction (TY, crystal ball!) that video was the killer app. Be it vid conf, streaming movies, etc. Recently, I amended that because too many people assumed that “video” meant something available as a sit back and consumer download. (note to self: stop trying to communicate with industry so much).

I stand by my CB reading that it is social networking. As in “us communicating as humans” – be that via photos, voice, video, apps etc. And I know from 15 years in this game that in 4-5 years, you will read this and realise I was right. By then, we will all be creating content and be much better at the prosumer game.
However, this week, video really did prove to be a network killer. And I’m glad. Because that first prediction was 6-7 years ago, so it shows my crystal ball doesn’t need replacing yet.
(Read the ‘Network killer’ link – whether you provide backhaul, are planning a community network, use the Internet once in a blue moon, or think you are cybersavvy. And then read it again between the lines!!)