Spectrum auction is fair to whom, asks CMA

Ofcom’s rebuttal to a Communications Management Association opinion in Computer Weekly regarding proposals for the upcoming spectrum auction for so-called 4G licences has drawn further comment from the CMA. Ofcom’s response left it wondering whether the auction process, which it described as “fair”, had the CMA asking “fair for whom?”
CMA members want Ofcom to make sure that there is national roaming, almost to the exclusion of everything else.
It said there are four questions to ask to assess whether a regulator is doing its job right:
Will the proposals result in an affordable infrastructure for innovation?
Will they result in an infrastructure fit for enterprise purposes?
Will they speed up economic growth?
Will they enahnce community development?
“This has very little to do with finessing fairness between market players,” the CMA says. “It’s about responding to higher national purposes and fairness to UK enterprises and society – a responsibility that the Communications Act 2003 placed squarely on the shoulders of Ofcom.”