Slipping between the cracks

Here’s a little something from Ofcom that may delight readers of this blog – free access to spectrum in the 500MHz and 800MHz bands.
Wait a minute – that’s TV frequencies, you say, and you are right. Ofcom’s trick is to reuse the “white spaces” between channels left blank so that they don’t interfere with each other to carry other “short range” messages like extended WiFi and rural broadband. Neat, eh?
Of course, this is pretty new thinking, so the kit makers haven’t yet got around to building routers and transceivers that can exploit these frequencies. But Ofcom hopes this will happen by around 2015.
One of the other benefits this idea may lead to is a geolocation database of what TV signal strengths are and where.
If only they had thought to hire Google when its Street View cars were going around measuring signal strengths, they would have had that database populated by now, ready to rock.