SWOTing up on rural broadband?

Barry Forde, a moving force in the Cumbria-Lancashire education network Cleo, has produced a thoughtful comparison of the estimated costs, opportunities and threats for “superfast broadband”  from BT or a possible community owned network to 23,000 properties in the Eden Valley in Cumbria.
Bottom line? The capital costs seem roughly the same at around £20m, the monthly rental  payable by customers is slightly higher by £5 for the community network, but the delivered end product is vastly superior, with BT offering “up to 40/15Mbps download/upload” at best, and the community network providing 1Gbps symmetrical. Also, any profit from the community network stays in the community.
If BT would like to comment on the figures or Forde’s SWOT analysis, it is more than welcome to do so here..

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One difference between the two schemes is the community project is based on digging and installing 3780km of fibre at £4/m, possibly optimistic.
No comments from BT I see. I guess they don't want to provoke a debate in case the council and RDA suits spot the fact that infinity and cabinets are a con to protect the copper cabal. The only danger is that the BDUK funding gets into the hands of the incumbent, because if it does they will put cabinets in and stop the brilliant idea of the digital parish pumps happening, and what a loss that will be. We shall see what happens, and if public money goes into shoring up the obsolete business model of Openreach then there will be a big noise made. just sayin. chris
Barry's post is very helpful in raising the profile of the whole community interest alternative approach to business as usual (or not) with BT. The major challenge is the introduction of Big Government subsidy into a vanguard area of Big Society activity.