Rurals get Virgin 100Mbps first!

As VirginMedia announce the launch of their 100Mbps service with superfast taxis hitting the city roads (to be traffic-shaped?!), it seems that Londoners have been pipped at the post in getting it first


Rural broadband evangelists (including a couple of Rory’s Reivers) were amazed to spot the Virginmedia  100Mbtaxi on a Yorkshire Dales road stuck in a traffic jam behind cows. We guessed they were on a superfast flit around the Final Third of the country to check out what all this rural broadband demand is about before hitting urban areas on Thursday. 
Superfast fibre and FiWi technology can change the pace of life in rural areas, bring advances unheralded since the industrial revolution, enervate the economy, reduce congestion(!), create new jobs, upskill the population and literally change people’s lives.
And on that note: here is the greatest bit of video on the subject, created by our own indomitable @cyberdoyle
On Thursday, this video will be judged in the Sheffield Doc/Fest digitalrevolutions competition in the Amateur category. The prize is £10,000. 
If (when!) Cyberdoyle wins, she will do something many of us dream about – connect her farm and others in the vicinity with fibre optics to the community networks in Wray and Wennington. £10k is enough to buy the fibre and kit, pay the diggers, splicers, etc, and JFDI. This is true Big Society Broadband in the making.
Please, watch the video, share it, tweet it, blog about it, and help rural people show that it is possible to get superfast broadband sooner rather than later.