Quelle surprise! UK doesn't feature in NGA rankings

It doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us who have been fighting the incumbent, regulator, government, public sector and assorted other eejuts for a decade that the UK doesn’t figure in the latest fibre league table, according to IDATE.

It is also no shock that the incumbents have been the slowest to begin deployment, with altnets, utility companies and community efforts leading the way (Think, as ever, community as being partnerships of all those within communities). 
If it is so damned obvious to the rest of the world that FTTH is the way forward, why are we still seeing proposals submitted and business plans for anything with copper in it, be it FTTC, BET, or any other dumbed down solution – all first gen v2.0?
Britain has to raise the bar. Not in 3 years time but NOW. Our thinking is all awry, and whilst I applaud Scotland’s joined up thinking, it is essential that considerations are made re the balance sheet for FTTH. 
It is difficult to make a purely commercial case for FTTH still, especially with so many morons claiming that us Brits can all manage in an online world with 2Mbps asymmetrical. Utter pigswill and if you want to waste public money, why not keep one village somewhere that only receives the USC for the next decade and see how they fare, like those Edwardian and Stone Age experiments? Oh, silly me, we’re planning to keep vast swathes of the country at that level…..
If the NHS, education system, councils and public sector, blue lights and communities add in the value of their savings PLUS social capital, and we include utility companies in our plans with smart grids as in Chattanooga, the case for FTTH becomes more than just obvious. It becomes BLEEDING obvious!
As ever, I am not proud to be British and once again, can’t wait to waste my breath in Milan in February explaining why 1) I am once again one of the few Brits present and 2) what the hell this country is doing.