Putting your money where your broadband mouth is

Hat’s off to Lindsey Annison, late of this parish, for putting her money where her mouth is. She is pledging her own £5,000 for a citizen’s fund to get a fibre-based broadband connection in her neck of the woods, or rather fells.
This comes hard on the heels of Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes getting the CEOs of top telcos round the table for a chin-wag about how to get the necessary investment to make a 30Mbps broadband service universal throughout Europe, and for half of us to have access to 100Mbps. I suspect we all know how that will end.
Lindsey makes the excellent point that no-one ever asks end users if they would be interested in investing in their local broadband supplier. Some customers might well do so, if they could influence policy and saw the chance of dividends or cheaper prices or some other benefit.
Given that some people, like communications secretary Jeremy Hunt, think 95% of the required investment will have to come from the private sector, they might do worse than talk to Lindsey about how to raise the money.