Project Natal/Milo launches as Kinect

I’ve been keeping my eyes on Project Natal and Milo for the last 18 months or so, and did a double take yesterday when I saw the Xbox Kinect ad on TV. W00t, it’s here!

Whilst the ads make it look like a gaming app, anyone in healthcare and telemedicine, education, business, community engagement, training etc should start looking at it.
I can’t even begin to imagine all the uses it could be put to, but I do know that it is one great way of showing people the sorts of things that will be possible over a next gen network.
I like the idea of using it for healthcare: eg to prevent isolation, to solve mental health issues, for remote physiotherapy, etc. For education purposes, the uses are infinite. And not just to educate kids! This is just the sort of app that I wanted to be using 10-15 years ago when I first started campaigning for broadband for my home business, and even today, using this could give you an interesting edge on your competitors.
It’s still fairly new and novel, and of course, it would make sense that MS are pushing it as a gaming app before Xmas, but when you see the ads, look beyond the drop kicks, dancing, and arm flailing. 
Watch the video and you will see how this is a great demo of what is going and why fat pipes are needed.

And I think one of my kids has sort of fallen for Milo!

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Sadly that Milo stuff doesn't exist and the launch software is little more than another re-hash of other motion controller gamers, albeit without the motional controller :) . The PS3 Move is fun too but right now both have fairly bland launch titles. Give it a year or two until the tech has some games that make proper use of it and we should be enjoying the experience a lot more. However once we do it'll be time for the new generation of consoles, typical. I hope they make Kinect backwards compatible.
Apparently, the new octopus says Move will outsell Kinect However, what I want to see is a move away from these devices for gaming and into a new space where people don't immediately shy away from them because they are too complex, require too many peripherals etc. This is where Milo becomes interesting - in existence or not!! I guess the Wii has started that move with yoga for the masses, but you need a balance board for that, and it is still a games console, which many people won't comprehend can do other stuff than game....yet!
I've to admit, I've been a huge Undertaking Natal/Kinect sceptic ever since it was introduced with that sham Milo walkthrough and an awful lot of hyperbole. I have been trying to maintain an open mind however the varied rumours which have circulated about house, lighting and multiplayer issues have been a trigger for concern. The advertising and marketing determination that Microsoft took to put this in the arms of mainstream journalists and celebrities reasonably than anyone who truly has experience and expertise writing about gaming was extraordinarily worrying.