Is the BDUK's rural project a stitch-up?

No wonder the press was excluded from detailed discussion at the BDUK’s industry day at which the government explained what it was trying to do with the proposed four pilot rural broadband sites  Nor that the participants were sworn to secrecy. Because it’s begining to look like a stitch-up.
It came out at the NextyGen10 conference that non-BT network operators will not have access to the T&Cs related to access to BT’s poles and ducts – essential to deliver services in rural areas, unless you go wireless and therefore slow-ish. Nor are they allowed to queer BT’s hegemony over backhaul, leased lines, or to offer services to mobile operators.
In effect, all they can do is build islands of high speed broadband, even 100Mbps symmetrical, as delegates to NextGen10 heard, but then wait for BT (or Virgin Media) to connect them to the rest of the world.
Small wonder communications minister Ed Vaizey talks about a two-tier network. It’s the high speed cities and the rest of us.