Is Govt robbing the BBC licence payers?

Further to the previous post about waiving fibre tax on the BDUK projects and the spend of the £530M of BBC licence fee money, I think we should all ask ourselves how happy we are for £120M (approx 60% of the spend on BBC Online, Mobile and iPlayer last year) to go to the Treasury instead of it being spent on its primary purpose – connecting this country up, primarily in areas of broadband market failure?

I, for one, am definitely unhappy about this and am considering a complaint to the BBC at its failure to fulfill, at the very least, 23 d) of the BBC Charter. 
“….d) exercise rigorous stewardship of public money”
I suspect that Sky are celebrating this sudden windfall to the Treasury coffers at the expense of their rival. (I think Sky pays about £300M p.a. in tax whereas until now the BBC have operated as a not for profit and hence are subject to a different tax regime).
I have no issue with the BBC paying PAYE etc for salaries, but I have a big problem with licence fee money being taken on the one hand to connect people, especially in rural areas, and then diverted into Treasury coffers. £120M could provide a handsome network with fully articulated FTTH to at least 150,000 homes and businesses – more likely 200,000 properties, if current costings are correct. 
So, do you pay the BBC Licence Fee? How do you feel about this seeming corruption of the purpose of the Charter and the lack of control that it implies in the BBC Trust to manage those public funds in the interests of all consumers? Do we now have a state-owned media? Has this administration over-stepped the mark in their 36 hour rush to renegotiate this ‘deal’ with the BBC prior to the spending review? 
The BBC already pay Ofcom £3,404,000 (Source: BBC Trust accounts 2009/10) – which makes the £120M a staggering amount for the Govt to rob from the Licence Payers. Doesn’t it?