I'll have some of what Vaizey's on..... not.

ISPs to censor the Net? C’mon Ed, how mad is this latest idea? Who is advising you? And what are *they* on?!!

If you want to make the consumer user experience of the internet better, spend some time sorting Ofcom out. People want to be able to complain about the problems they are facing with their connections. Currently, there is an 8 week wait before complaints can be taken to ADR -Dispute Resolution. 8 weeks?! This is the age of superfast, surely?! 
(I cannot imagine being offline for 8 weeks and more again. I’ve done it before and hated every minute of it.)
As for asking the ISPs to censor the Net, whilst they are struggling to survive with crippling BT access and excess construction costs, iPlayer etc eating bandwidth as though it was free, and an ever-hungry audience that many of them just can’t reach because of the regulatory climate failing to permit them to do precisely that – well, words sort of fail me!
If you find something on the Net that is offensive, move on! “The rest of the Web is just one click away” has been known by Internet marketing folks for 15 years or so now. The same applies to users. I don’t want to watch boxing or cage fighting or horror movies or Apocalypse Now or most of the American TV that we are lucky enough (!) to be able to access with Freeview so I change channels. Ditto online. Simples!
Priorities, man, priorities. The Net should not be censored, that’s the absolute joy of what it is. All those gems should be available. And if there is a dark side, so be it. Sadly, that’s human nature. Educate people how to use it, sure, but don’t even consider censoring it. Or that will start a much darker conversation about government control of the media and consumers and citizens and free speech and human rights and ……