How to engage the digitally reluctant

Over the years, we have seen many solutions from other countries to helping people access the information they require. In Bolivia, people were using Skype to the radio station over a very poor satellite connection, to deliver market prices to those who did not have access to mobile, landlines, internet etc but who did have radios. In Cambodia, India etc, buses and motorbikes are used as mobile “routers” bringing emails and Net access to those without.

Sugata Mitra, with his Hole in the Wall experiments, has shown how kids can teach themselves, and others in their communities, to use computers if just given the chance. Best of all, Open Mind’s Question Box shows clearly how you can overcome literacy, digital reluctance and lack of access to technology. 
The developing world is full of such ideas. Whereas the First World is often so arrogant in its approach to solving these issues that we just throw money, rather than ingenuity, at the problems. Perhaps some of the ideas that are being developed, implemented and enjoyed by third world countries need to be made more public to those here?
Oh, and whilst you are at it, why not make a donation today to Buy this Satellite ? It will probably be those nations forced to connect over it due to telco reluctance and greed who will lead the way in the future…..

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