Good luck to Olivia Garfield, she lives in interesting times

Congratulations to Olivia Garfield, former boss of BT strategy and now head honcho of BT Openreach following Steve Robertson’s decision to hand over the reins.

Liv, who has been feisty in protecting BT’s interests in all the forums where she and I have breathed the same air, takes on the biggest job in UK networking. Ofcom has just published a slew of consultations, including its new policy on next-generation access, which I am still trying to plough through. More on that later, but everyone should feel free to express their opinions here too.

Liv has to deal with the legacy of past under investment, increasing regulatory pressure, rising political expectations that call for universal access to 30Mbps broadband and for 50% of the population to get 100Mbps, and more competition for investment funds.

The Chinese curse us to live in interesting times, so please accept our blessings in anticipation of a job well done.

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寧為太平犬,不做亂世人; Aye good luck Olivia. You will need it. chris
Robertson , didnt hand over the reins he was right in the middle of his recovery plan after he had made a shambles of his service delivery master plan, the one where his employees faced intimidation if they did not work his contractual overtime, based on his attendence patterns that no one wanted stitch up with the CWU, Employees of Openreach are glad to see the back of him, and so as it looks is the Board.