Fibre Lincs

What a funny place Lincolnshire is! Right now, after 2 days travelling, 620 miles, and untold meetings, I feel about Lincs as I do about Banbury for rally cars – centre of the earth.

Can you go anywhere in Lincs and not find a fibre person?!!
And even better, you can introduce outsiders into Lincs and they find fibre people they haven’t seen for 15 years. Meaning the fibre industry in Lincolnshire is not a novel fad, but a well-established industry.
I don’t know if I dare even reveal half the links I discovered during Monday and Tuesday, but I tell you something… this blog. In the next few days, I intend to announce a few things I found out in Lincs and you will NOT see these particular items of interest to the UK and EU fibre industry anywhere else before you see them here! Actually, I would say they might even be of global interest!
And to everyone who put me up and put up with me…..a very fat thank you for your time. To those who want to be named, I promise you will be, in the coming days!! To those who don’t, a doubly special thank you for some quite incredible insights and sharing your expertise.

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