Digital Dividend writer tells Ashby's gigabit story

Digital Dividend contributor Lindsey Annison has been finishing off her latest book, Ashby de la Launde, the third in the JFDI community broadband series, hence her lack of posts here since the holidays.

The book tells of the trials and tribulations residents of Ashby faced in getting gigabit broadband access around the village. They succeeded, thus givng Ashby the fastest local access network in the country, but one hamstrung by a backhaul connection running at one-tenth of the local speed.

It may well be worth Broadband Delivery UK buying a couple of copies (£18.50 each) to learn what issues communities and network operators face in getting real high speed broadband to the country’s not-spots. If BDUK and the government apply the lessons apparent from the book, the return on that £18.50 could be the best they make.

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