Cumbrian or Numbrian?

I can’t decide whether to cheer or cry about the announcement. 

The rules of engagement have not yet been issued. We don’t know the criteria for the tender. We don’t even yet know how much money, out of the £530M, will be available for the Pilots (which I believe should be models – BIG difference). Much more is, as yet, unknown.
I’m a bit numb to be honest. Definitely didn’t break out the rhubarb champers, anyway. 
I’m concerned. And I wish I wasn’t, but mebbe that’s the usual level of Cumbrian cynicism and caution kicking in. Oh, yeah, before you ask, I’m only an honorary Cumbrian, as I was dragged up 25 miles away in North Yorkshire. Borders, boundaries etc. Only wireless truly ignores them. So, I guess it’s a double celebration – BDwoopK. 
But then my Yorkshire heritage kicks in: tha’s planning to spend ha much? On megabuckets? Gigabuckets <choke> Nah lass, tha’s mistooken. Ya’ll gan nah place with thattun. 
I have far too many questions to ask, and as yet, no-one from whom to seek my answers. That in itself worries me. However, staying positive, potentially we have around £3.5-5M to spend on a pilot. x2 for my personal interests. Hell, it’d better be small.
£50M per project would make it all more worthwhile and actually prove something valuable for, say, 50k people. (And disprove that Analysys Mason figure once and for all). Otherwise, it’s jam too thin.
So, sorry, I have to ask…. x4 pilots that’s £20M…where **is*** the other £510M being spent? Who decides? Can we vote, XFactor style perhaps? 
Is this BBC licence fee – the £300M – which we gave to the BBC – coming under BBC Charter or BBC Trust guidelines or rules? If not, who is making the decisions to spend it, and how? BIS? DCMS? Who pulls the strings? 
Can I be on the Committee? If not, why not? I think my CV is fairly immaculate for “rural broadband with the right intentions…..”

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I think if we can get a good model then the rest of the money will go to replicate it. All we need to do is prove that if a community has access to a pipe they will do a lot of the work themselves. I think they call it matched funding. Currently there is not much point in building a rural network because of the exorbitant cost of feeding it due to distance from a POP. If the big society in Eden can pull its weight and cut out some of the pointless legislation and planning issues then that will save a lot of money. If the infrastructure already there can be accessed, and if some digital village pumps can be strategically placed then a model for other areas and the rest of cumbria can be achieved and set the standard. So instead of handing public money over to the incumbent telco for a BET solution on copper it can be used to bring a proper, futureproof fibre pipe to remote areas, and enable people to JFDI. Once people know there is a pipe worth connecting to they will dig. or wifi. We just need to get the pumps. chris