Connected? Up to a point, Lord Copper

Congrats to Lindsey for breaking the Connected Kingdom story here on Digital Dividend, and also for taking it a lot further than the mainstream press.Insomnia has its benefits, it seems.

As I am presntly in a different time zone (some would say planet, permanently), I’ve only just had a chance to look at the report, and even then, not in detail.

No doubt the timing of its release has nothing to do with communications

minister Ed Vaizey being about to unburden himself of the national

broadband strategy in November.

But one thing that leaped out was the view that with just “modest increases in broadband adoption” the present £100bn value of the internet would continue to grow at 10% a year, mainly thanks to consumption.

Surely even the rocket scientists in the Treasury can work out the return that faster and bigger investment in broadband will bring, be it fibre or wireless.

If Google’s report can deliver that, we should all be grateful. And if Google can please explain why its Street View cars were fitted with wardriving equipment, we might even forgive it. Or not.