Community broadband arrives in Ambridge

Well, sort of! We haven’t had much luck getting a community broadband story onto either the Radio or TV soaps over the years, so we thought we would begin our own radio programme.

Radio Lentil has just released the first episode of The Reivers with special guest star, Rory Stewart MP. This was recorded last Saturday in Great Asby, Cumbria, prior to the Broadband Champions event, which saw well over 100 people present to learn what can be done in Cumbria by the communities who are so desperate for next generation broadband. 
Many of the people present are still on dial up, are having to install satellites because of ludicrous quotes from BT and the failure of Project Access, and are battling the perceived lack of demand in rural areas (not true!), plus the oft-touted, so-called cost of installing fibre. (Disproven in Lincs this last week).
Radio Lentil will be making more episodes to highlight the issues faced in rural areas, and showing how communities can overcome them. Communities can be large or small, and we hope that our contribution will help councils, government etc understand that we want FTTH wherever possible, and FiWi across the remainder. Big Society can make it happen without further foot-dragging by the telcos.

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