Big Society in Eden

This Friday, there is a BS meeting in Eden, Cumbria. On Saturday, there is a BDUK rural broadband event. 

It should be the chance for local people to really begin to move the rock up the hill with multiple projects we have all struggled to make happen because of bureaucracy, lack of funding, missing co-ordination and 10001 other seemingly spurious reasons.
Credit has to be given to Rory Stewart (MP for all of 6 months now) for JFDi and turning the spotlight onto Cumbria. One of our key issues as part of the Big Society vanguard is broadband. So, I’m not interested ;o)
However, I must say…..don’t tell me how fat a pipe my neighbours want. Don’t try and organise our meetings for us. Don’t tell us what we can and can’t do without giving us the opportunity to try. Don’t assume we know nowt till you give us the opportunity to prove you wrong.
And if on Friday or Saturday, there are less local speakers than civil service etc listeners, expect a major backlash. You’ve had years having your say, so please come and listen first, and then be proactive. Don’t preach. We’re Cumbrian, not Dumbrian.

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The Rural Broadband Partnership was established to empower communities to act in exactly the way described by Lindsey - and to a framework acceptable to BDUK. What a pity then, that we have not received an invitation for this event from either the Cumbrian community or from Government, with whom we have been in regular contact over the past 18 months.