An end to "up to"?

Highly unlikely that misleading the consumer will come to an end but nice to see that an Early Day Motion has been tabled re advertising incorrect broadband speeds.

Maybe we should extend this a little. 
All ISPs, especially when advertising on regional media, should give the average speeds within specific postcodes that relate to certain regions. And that they must show the average speeds within postcodes both at the upper end of the scale eg urban/semi-urban, and the lower end of the scale eg rural and remote. 
In fact, how about we send BT a few random postcodes that relate to the different areas of each county and they publish the average speeds within those postcodes? Not the speeds that they tell potential customers, but the hardcore data that BT actually have about throughput and speeds on individual lines. This info could also be used by:
Estate agents
Property developers
Businesses planning to relocate
Communities looking to build their own networks
Councils and LEPs to understand where there may be issues within their regions
Schools advising parents about online accessibility out of hours for pupils
The Health Service when considering telemedicine solutions
Land agents
Anyone providing a B2B or B2C online service
I could go on!!

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