&#9834 Underground, overground, wifi is free

Well, no, it won’t be in London, but it really ought to be. BT are going to be trialling wi-fi at Charing Cross for 6 months from 1st November. 

You’d think it was complex. But it ain’t. Run leaky feeder through all the Tube tunnels, plug in to APs, add a fat pipe to t’interweb, and job done. Simples.
Seen this done elsewhere and it doesn’t cost the earth to do at all. Surely London Underground should have done this themselves, charged a minimum access fee, and made some money?

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That's far to simple! London Underground would much rather do complicated. It matters not that it costs more, they will still get a ROI by charging the customers more. Easy. Just no joined up thinking. Like the councils it looks like everyone is willing to hand over our money to an incumbent who hands it over to fatcats and greedy shareholders instead of investing in the network to provide a service that is fit for purpose. The underground should have been wifi'd years ago. This country is getting more and more ridiculous. Time to light the fibre. ffs.