£650m for UK cybersecurity

So the spooks are getting £650m over four years in new money to beef up the UK’s resilience to cyber attacks. It will also give cyber crime victims a single point through which to report their losses.
We had that with the National High Tech Crime Unit, which mostly disappeared into the Serious Organised Crime Agency, Now Soca is disappearing into some new national crime-fighting agency. What will happen to the Met’s increasingly successful Police e-Crime Unit, which eventually replaced the NHTCU? Will Charlie McMurdie and all who sail with her survive the move?
What too will happen to the government’s Interception Improvement Programme to capture and store all electronic messages that originate, terminate or transit the UK?
Perhaps they should just outsource it all to Google, which already knows which of our home WiFi networks it can hack, that’s if it evens needs to once it’s finished profiling us from out search activity.