Why we are vulnerable to cyber attacks

The news today has several reports of a recent surge in cyber attacks originating in China. The Times quotes US analysts as saying that the West had no effective response and that EU systems were especially vulnerable because most cyber security efforts were left to member states. US official reports indicate that attacks on Congress and other government agencies have risen exponentially in the past year to an estimated 1.6 billion every month. 
It’s no surprise. Security professionals and government authorities have been fully aware of the risk for decades. The root cause is a widespread failure to implement effective governance, monitoring and education processes. Fifteen years after the publication of BS 7799, most enterprises have yet to implement it effectively. Too many organisations have been bogged down in policy, risk analysis and paperwork rather than implementation, awareness and auditing. Given current progress it’s likely to take another decade to overcome this failing.   

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Dear David, While searching for relevant websites providing useful information on online security I came across your blog which I am following. Sorry for the unsolicited email, but I thought that you might want to cover the EU Commission's eYouGuide as it may be of interest to your readers that the EU has a EU data protection guide: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/eyouguide/fiches/1-ii-b/index_en.htm The eYouGuide site sets out the online rights of European consumers. It was set up by the European Commission in (so far) ten languages. However, it’s not much use if no one knows about it, so we’d be grateful if you could cover it on your blog, if you feel it merits it. Best regards, Olaf eYouGuide team
According to the NSA, what we are seeing was inevitible due to the widespread use of low assurance systems. Security would be much easier if our networks were full of inherently secure computers. The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Operating Computing Evironments
China is supposedly one of the top 20 contries that spread malware and where cyber attacts originate. http://www.enigmasoftware.com/top-20-countries-the-most-cybercrime/ It is no wonder the attacks have not slowed due to the government in China not reacting to it like they should.