Who is David Lacey?

David Lacey is a leading international authority on Information Security Management with more than 20 years professional experience of building Security and Risk functions for large organisations, including The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The Royal Dutch/Shell Group and The Royal Mail Group. David is a keen futurist and innovator, firmly believing that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Amongst other things, he developed much of the content for the British Standard BS7799 and he was a founding director of the Jericho Forum and the Institute for Information Security Professionals.

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Hello David, Marc Massar, a security architect recently started writing an IT security blog for Ingrian Networks focused on providing the end-user perspective on compliance with PCI and encryption including key management. We wanted to let you know that Marc recently began a blogroll of other security blogs readers should be aware of, and included your blog. If you have any questions, would like to remove your blog or add Marc’s blog to your site, please let us know. I can be reached at Carolyn@mindsharepr.com. Cheers! Carolyn
Hi David I am the MD of Insight Security - which I formed in 1990 - primarily as a computer lock down (physical theft deterrent type) security company. We are now recognised specialists in a wide range of security areas, working extensively with schools, local & central government as well as the commercial sector. I have posted a link on our weblog to your excellent weblog as I have been reading CW since my IT manager days (1980s). Our main info website is www.insight-security.com (circa 600 pages) and we have recently launched our on-line buyers website: www.insight-direct.co.uk We also still have a specialist IT security section - and we believeour products and advice are very relevant to your readers Keep up the good work warm regards, Ivor