Where's the next security breakthrough?

The BBC News website has an interview with Sir Tim Berners Lee on the future of the Internet. When asked what the future of the Web would look like, he replies that if all the things that he can imagine happening would come to pass, we will have failed, because we need the creativity of people thinking about new sorts of data and how they might use it.

That comment applies even more to information security. If we rely on no more that our current set of ideas, we’ll all be doomed to an insecure cyber world of crime, paranoia and missed opportunities. More of the same is not good enough. Security needs periodic, breakthrough technologies. One or two of these tend to emerge every decade. In the past we’ve benefited from public key cryptography, anti-virus scanners, firewalls and intrusion detection. But most of these break down over time. So where’s the next silver bullet?

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So what? We are "doomed" to an insecure real world of crime, paranoia and missed opportunities as well. Which I believe to be not as bad as it sounds, hence the quotation marks. We do not live in a perfect world, we never will, and any attempt to create a perfect world is going to do more bad than good. Of course there will be crime in the future. Get over it, humans are like this. And don't forget to mention that we have universal means of dealing with crime - and there are many good reasons to prefer reactive over preventive approaches.