What not to do about Social Networking

Computer Weekly has just published an article setting out some of my views on social networking in advance of next week’s Infosec Europe 2008 event in London, when I’ll be speaking on “Locking down social networking vulnerabilities”.

In fact the last thing you should aim to do is lock down social networks. Ban them perhaps. And certainly aim to manage the vulnerabilities. But don’t try to lock down networks. They don’t respond well to that. The future of security is about protecting flows, not blocking them.

Social networks will change the way we live, work and vote. We have to engage with them on their terms or we’ll be left behind.

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I could not agree more David. The common perception of social networks as nothing more than a sheep throwing, friend poking waste of time is about to change. As more specialist Web 2.0 sites appear, businesses will see an increasing value in what social networking and social media can offer them - better business intelligence, collaborative working with customers, new business opportunities and more. To ban access to such sites would be like lcoking the doors to a shop to reduce the risk of shoplifters! I look forward to your session at Infosec. Ian Hendry http://www.wecando.biz