Welcome to my world

Everyone that knows me will appreciate just how pleased I am to be given my very own electronic soap box. As a long-standing pioneer, promoter and critic of all things new in Information Security, I’m looking forward to bringing you my views on the hot topics of the day, straight from the inner sanctum of the professional CISO community. Security is a subject whose time has well and truly arrived to take a seat at the Business Top Table. It’s grown both in breadth and complexity as new threats, techniques and technologies emerge to challenge our perspective of this arcane science. And it’s become a team game, no longer a profession for the lone eccentric who wants to do things differently from everyone else. Today we must all pull together, adopt more open standards and build common approaches to enable our business value chains to be secured seamlessly across geographic, organisational and personal boundaries. Each day I’ll be aiming to keep you up-to-speed with the latest thinking, best practices and issues associated with managing security across large, medium and small organisations. With more than two decades of professional CISO experience in both the public and private sectors, I often imagine that I must have tackled just about every aspect of security management. However, this is a fast-changing subject area and I’m continually being impressed by the new dimensions that keep opening up as we encounter new threats, new exposures and new technologies that raise everyone’s expectations and challenge our professional capabilities. We can’t solve these problems in isolation. The smart security function must learn to not only innovate but also to steal with pride from other organisations. And the successful CISO of the future will be not just a safe pair of hands but a visionary leader who can look forwards and stay ahead of the pack.