Voice Firewalls - the next compelling technology

My last blog posting attracted an interesting comment from Lee Sutterfield, suggesting that voice firewalls are going to be the next major product investment. We should take note of that. Lee is a smart guy who operates years ahead of the field.

For those that don’t know Lee, I should point out that he’s the guy who sold the concept of Information Warfare to the US Air Force. He’s also the father of intrusion detection. He developed the first commercial product, NetRanger, which Cisco immediately acquired.

For several years Lee has been working on voice firewalls, initially to help control and manage PABXs but increasingly as a solution to converged data/voice architectures. His company SecureLogix has a unique perspective on this solution space.

And the security risks presented by voice and data convergence should not be underestimated. Over the next few years we’re going to see increasing pressure for more effective architecture solutions.