Victoria's secrets steal the RSA show

Over the last three days and nights I’ve been absorbing the delights of the RSA conference in London. Fortunately the sun shone on this year’s event. It’s just as well as the London docklands setting can be such a drab, soulless place. But the event was brilliantly organised by Lynda Lynch. Everything ran like clockwork, apart from the inevitable transport delays we tend to expect when commuting to docklands. And the programme was excellent: well balanced and full of interesting, quality presentations. All the people I spoke to found the conference was good value.

I’ll be reporting in later postings on some of the developments that caught my eye.  But the highlight for me was a chance to play with the impressive showcase of vintage Enigma and Hagelin cipher machines from Bletchley Park, kindly lent out by John Alexander a leading authority and collector, and presented with the expert help of Victoria Worpole from Bletchley Park’s Education Department. I’d truly love to own some of these beautifully engineered machines. They don’t come cheap but I expect they’d prove to be excellent investments, and that’s a rare thing today. 


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Hello David, Linda Lynch pointed me to your Blog. Very kind comments you make - and I passed them along to Vicki Too. Regards, John Alexander