Understanding the hidden security risks in the Internet

Last Friday I attended an excellent cyber security event sponsored by Neustar, who deliver some of the vital services that enable the Internet to function securely. I was particularly impressed by an eye-opening presentation by Rodney Joffe, Neustar’s Chief Technologist, on DNS security. Ensuring business traffic is secure over the Internet demands a lot more than we might think. Enterprises are exposed to many underlying risks of espionage and modification of data in transit. Threats of IP hijacking are a real and present danger. All security managers should make it their business to understand the potential security risks associated with the Internet. We are entering a decade that is likely to be dominated by large-scale compromises of business information and services.

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Very well said David, thank you! This is an important, as well as scary, reminder of the risks associated with storing proprietary information that businesses are facing day in and day out. It's even scarier that some businesses may not even be aware of the risks. The role of the security manager is changing dramatically and IT security is becoming an increasingly important component. No longer is IT security something that lives solely within a technology organization. Information is everywhere and is core to many organizations, therefore ensuring its protection is vital to the existence of that organization. It's also important to consider the amount of data housed on the physical computers and laptops within an organization. Protecting, tracking and managing these devices means preventing data breaches, as well as the potential loss of irreplaceable information. Businesses need to understand that there is technology available that can help them to track, manage and secure their IT assets. I work at Absolute Software, a company that specializes in software and services that provide an easy way to manage and secure computers and mobile devices. If you need information on how to better protect your company's devices and data, please visit www.absolute.com .
This is good. Another reminder of the kind of world we live in. These cybercrooks wont back down at anything only to trick people out of their money through new scams that they work on every day. Just the other day my friend was a victim of identity theft because he gave this bogus site his credit information. They charged 3 grand on his credit on an unsecured loan. CRAZY!
Great point...even with all of the latest technologies and threats, it pays to pay attention to the basic security essentials as well...namely, patches and people. You can only control the former but there are certainly ways that you can set the latter up for success!